Many of you must be wondering that though you have uploaded your CV on all possible job portals in the world but still you are not getting enough calls for the interview. Well the reason for that could be a flaw in your CV.

We can guide you on following.
1. How to prepare your CV ?
2. How to update it in a correct way on job portals so as to get more number of calls for job openings ?

This is not a revenue generation model for us. We believe in giving back to the society and henceĀ we offer this service for FREE.
If you are keen, mail your CV to our coordinator on

You can expect a response in 2-3 days time between 9pm to 11pm IST.

Why Prism HRC ?
There are companies which offer similar kind of services but the only thing that they do is beautify your Resume by putting it in one of the thousands of formats available on Internet but no company ensures the position of your CV in job portals. We can help you to make it appear on first few pages.